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I'm an expert in Next.js, Three.js and R3F (react-three-fiber). From 2D to 3D web design and development, I'm here for you.

I'm a coder with an eye for aesthetics, contact me with your project idea and I'll give you a quote and breakdown. That's how it works.

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MASSLESS LTD. provides web design and development services to help you achieve your digital goals. From custom web applications to responsive websites, I've got you covered.

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  • Web Applications and Responsive Websites

    I build custom web applications tailored to your needs, with a focus on user experience and quality. Get creative, send me some designs, sketches even - I'll be able to transform your digital dreams into reality.

  • 3D

    With my expertise in Three.js and R3F, and Next.js I will be able to bring your 3D game or website project to life.

  • Consulting

    Contact me if you need help with your website, I can suggest ways forward which will help you overcome challenges in your way.

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Work I'm proud of

Check out some of my web development projects and understand how I could help your business.

Kirk Whayman - Design Director - Portfolio Website

Kirk contacted me because he wanted someone to develop his new website for him.

He sent me some very visually appealing designs, along with notes to explain what he wanted.

We worked together to bring his vision to life, in an interactive website.

This was built in 2020, giving Kirk a stunning, award winning portfolio website.

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Jaguar C-Type visualiser

Jaguar C-Type visualiser

Configure your own classic c-type jaguar car.

This was a project I built whilst working at DRPG (from 2020 to 2022) as a software engineer. I worked with another developer to set the project up, and I went on to code the majority of the application over the period of about a month.

Jaguar provided many images of the C-Type; 36 images per variation were needed for the outside perspective. We used a single equirectangular projected image per variation for the inside perspective.

I used Sharp and JavaScript to bulk resize the images e.g. from a single 4k image I'd generate about 4 smaller versions, the user sees the resolution that matches their device, up to 4K. In the same way I ensured we used .webp images for optimisation and efficiency reasons.

This project was a success, after launch, Jaguar started receiving requests from customers wanting to buy the customised classic C-Type continuation, via the customiser app.

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3D picture of sandscape with scattered palm trees and sunset

3D terrain generation, day/night cycle, scattered trees.

I first got into 3D programming by coding this, my first Three.js project, built in 2019, to hone my skills and become a better programmer.

This was my first three.js project. The reason for this project was to learn Three.js.

It uses simplex noise to generate infinite terrain. There is a day-night cycle made possible with dynamic lighting.

This project was a success in that it improved my skills in understanding 3D and Three.js, I set out to do what I wanted to do, and it gave me invaluable experience which helped me in solving problems later on in my career.

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A collection of art I have made, generated by computer programs I have written, including interactive art.

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"Couldn't be more happy"

"We enlisted George's help with creating a demo for an app idea, and couldn't be more happy with the experience. Throughout the project, George was incredibly responsive, providing regular updates on the progress and delivering on time as promised. He was great at estimating timelines, providing estimates, and being communicative in general. The final outcome of the project met all expectations, and we are very happy with how it turned out. We can easily recommend George and would use him again!"


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